Για την την χρήση του D-APRS,χρησιμοποιούμε PRIVATE CALL στο 900999

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Options Explanation

Voice idents

Optionally, (set in Options) a 15 minute voice ident in DMR can be set on Time Slot 2. The repeater’s or hotspot call-sign is (spoken) “sent” via “All Call” for optional voice ident. “This is CALL-SIGN FreeDMR”

Single mode

Only allows a single Talk Group to be routed to a Time Slot on a repeater/hotspot at one time, whilst the Time Slot is active. Even if several static Talk Groups are set up on the slot. As soon as a Talk Group is keyed up, only that single Talk Group is routed to the Time Slot until either the timer expires or another Talk Group is keyed up, which then replaces the first one. This is similar to Hotspot behaviour on other networks. This works even between Dial-a-TG (TalkGroup 9) and other TalkGroups.